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“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.” ~ Carrie Bradshaw

This is me: I’m a Life Coach, Soul Sister and Daring Dreamer. I wholeheartedly live my message – love begins within – and that’s the essence of the work I share with you.

I’m Morgan Taggart. My passion and purpose is helping women release those old stories of blame and fear that keep us being so damn hard on ourselves (and repeating the same mistakes). All that I’ve experienced in my life has led me to this conclusion: Life is so much better once you can truly forgive and love yourself.

Every decision I ever made that came from a place of low self-worth only invited more pain. Through my own journey, I came to realise that loving myself wasn’t narcissistic or indulgent. It was the key to saving my life. Today I help women recognise and move through self-sabotage so they can discover the truest desires for their life.

While I do believe in fairies (I do, I do, I do!), I know that life isn’t all rainbows and raw chocolate. You see: self-love isn’t a way to escape your reality. It’s your way through. And what’s on the other side? A life that reflects who you are, rather than those you’re trying to please.

My life has not been without pain. Here’s my self-love story.

mandala 30 When I was 15 I tragically lost my brother which created a wound that I feared would never heal. In the years following his death I, unsurprisingly, moved through depression and anxiety and relied on medication to get me through.
mandala 30 For the five years that followed my brother’s death I treated myself how I was feeling… like shit. Excessive drinking? Check. Hooking up with Bad Boys? Yup. Basically I was punishing myself for something that wasn’t my fault.
mandala 30 When I finally started getting better, I began planning a trip to Sri Lanka after which I was to continue on to India. This was a huge step but I was on a mission to regain my happiness and health and I knew that this trip would be integral in my catharsis. However, on the first leg of the trip I was raped and my world came crashing down.
mandala 30 It was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I was completely cracked open by the weight of the joint traumas. It was as if all the self-work I had done in the few years passed had unravelled. I was numb, anxious and depressed. Struggling with PTSD I completely withdrew from life.
mandala 30 After a lot of soul-searching and therapy, I met, dated and eventually married the love of my life. I believe the love I found was only possible because I had learnt to forgive and love myself.
mandala 30 With this new love I instantly became a stepmother to his two children and shortly after gave birth to a precious baby girl.

At age 28 I’ve experienced much of life, love and death. With the haunting truth that we are not immortal beings, I now devote my life to helping people trapped in the cycle of pain to realise the full joy of life well lived.

I’m living proof that life can deal out pain, but you can emerge radiant and transformed. The pain is part of my story. But so is my inexplicable joy and mystical reverence for life.

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Truly, I believe…

mandala 30
There is a lesson and gift to be found in everything, even the painful things.
mandala 30
That the present moment is where your power lies.
mandala 30
That freedom is found in forgiveness.
mandala 30
That at our core we are pure love.
mandala 30
That gratitude is the quickest (and easiest) way to joy.
mandala 30
In the power of choosing love over fear and compassion over judgement.
mandala 30
In miracles, magic and the moon.

I also believe, without a shadow of a doubt, your life will change when self-love sets you free. (Promise.)

This is my story. This is what I stand for.

If you’re feeling the resonance…. there’s more where that came from.

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With Love,

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Professional Bio

MT_bio-picMorgan Taggart is a certified life coach with an uncanny knack for lifting others up and out of painful states of being. After tragedy sent her to her own rock-bottom moment, Morgan healed herself with the innate knowledge that love begins within. Now she wants to help others live their life from a place of forgiveness, acceptance and (most of all) love.
Combining her own personal experience, her professional training and on-the-job learning, she is the secret weapon that will guide you back to your heart and to a life that feels wonderful again. Morgan is on a heart-driven mission to remind women (and the world) that taking divine care of yourself is not self-indulgent; it’s self-respect.
Find Morgan at morgantaggart.com, Facebook or Instagram.

Ready to finally love and accept yourself? Let me show you how.

Want more love, confidence and bubble baths in your life?  

Take The Self-Love Quiz to get your own personalised report and guide that will have you falling head over heels in love with your life... and yourself!