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10 Things you may not know about me

10 Things you may not know about me

1. I grew up in a Caravan

I spent the first 5 years of my life in a Caravan Park. I loved it. My best friend also lived there so we got to play every day, and peek over the fence at the horse paddock next door.
I thought it was perfectly normal for my parents bed to be in the living room, and to have to go to the toilet block to shower or pee. My brother and I shared triple bunk beds. We had a bed each and the other bed was our “play room”. I think having to live in such close proximity to one another definitely made us closer. My Grandmother also lived in the park in a mobile home and when we did buy a house she lived with us until her passing. I’m so grateful for my parents giving me such a loving and magical childhood and instilling strong family values within me.

 2. I’m a Sagittarius, Tiger and INFP

I am honest (sometimes too honest), generous, optimistic, creative and a “born leader”. Being free is a basic need for me, and without it I go a little (ok, a lot) crazy. I crave adventure and hate being tied down. I love being spontaneous, but can also be reckless. Wanderlust is my middle name.

I’m a dreamer, idealistic, passionate, energetic and open-minded. I’m guided by my principles and am always trying to find the meaning in life. I have a strong sense of intuition and follow it even if it goes against logic.

I can be difficult to get to know, I take things personally, I avoid conflict like the plague and often seen as impractical and overly ambitious. But hey, that’s just me!

3. I’m a Girly Girl

I love embracing my femininity and proud to call myself a “girly girl”.
I love flirty dresses, headbands, drinking tea from fine bone china, pink everything, bubble baths, wearing pearls and buying peonies.
One of my favourite things to do is having a girls night in, watching sex and the city re-runs, eating macarons, and painting our finger nails. You in?



4. I have always loved Supporting People

I have always loved helping people and find it’s usually in the form of supporting them. As a Guide and Scout Leader I would get the kids to feel comfortable to open up to me and hold their hand as they branched out of their comfort zone. I was always there to encourage them, make them feel safe, and lift them up, until they were strong enough to go on their own.
As a Santa’s Helper I had many kids who were frightened of Santa and I would slowly help them dissolve that fear and replace it with excitement. I would light up seeing them so proud of themselves.
As a Dance Teacher I would encourage the students to lose the insecurities and just have fun. I really love being a cheerleader and confidant with people and always try to stay as open-minded and compassionate as possible.


5. I Love the Stage

I started dancing when I was 3 years old. I lived and breathed dancing, it was my everything. This love of the stage only increased when I discovered drama. I have been in so many shows, I’ve lost count.
I love public speaking, the rush of it, the excitement, the adrenaline. I even enjoyed English oral presentations.
I haven’t been on the stage for a couple of years now and I can feel the fiery passion start to swirl deep inside. I vow to grace the stage again… watch this space.



6. I loath Tomato Sauce

I dislike it so much, I tell the waiter I’m allergic.
My kids aren’t allowed it in the house and if my husband has it when he’s not with me he has to brush his teeth… twice, before any kind of lovin’.
I can’t stand the smell, the sight, it just makes me feel queasy.


7. I bought my first House at age 20

I had been looking at houses for about a year with my fiancé, Paul but didn’t find anything that ‘felt right’. Paul suggested we look at the Mornington Peninsula so we did an evening drive by and I liked what I saw. The next day we went to look at some open houses and I found my home. I put in an offer that day, and haven’t looked back. It was slightly crazy, but I followed my intuition and happy I did since I made $100, 000 when I sold it to move last year.


8. I have two Tattoos

I have pink ballet shoes with a bow on my hip and a fairy sitting on a diamond on my upper back. I wouldn’t get any other tattoos, besides maybe my late brothers name on my wrist.
I’m well aware of my spontaneous nature so I put a picture of the tattoo I wanted on my dressing table mirror for a year before getting it. I figured if I wasn’t sick of looking at it then I’d get it done. I actually rarely see my tattoos and forget I have them now.


9. I like to wear PJ’s in Public

I’ve always liked wearing cute pyjamas in public disguised as clothes, and I must say my heart skipped a beat when ‘Peter Alexander’ first opened.
I call it “P.I.P.ING” (pronounced pip-in’, not piping) and it is now a family tradition. We regularly do our grocery shopping or have brunch in a pajamas top and no one’s seemed to notice.


 10. I’m Allergic to Australia

Okay, well not Australia, but to Australian Natives (as well as cats and dust mites).
My husband always teases me about being born in the wrong country.
The last time I tried “Earthing” my feet broke out in to horrible blisters. It’s hard to embrace nature when it leaves you red, itchy and struggling to breathe.
I do however love the ocean so that’s how I connect to this glorious planet.

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